The Shocking Truth About These 3 ‘Healthy’ Foods

Sadly, many people read magazines, online articles, and books about healthy eating that provide misleading information. The wrong advice can actually detour you from the healthy foods you should be eating.

In the case of nutrition, the lies and inaccuracies are in abundance.  Big corporations and food marketing companies will do just about anything to get you to purchase their product.

They are notorious for positioning their products as healthy when in actuality they are anything but healthy!

Grocery shopping has become more like detective work if you want to stick to healthy foods. Unless you are skilled at sleuthing out the ‘bad guys’, chances are some are in your kitchen cupboards and pantries right now.

Today we will talk about three seemingly healthy foods that are anything but.

If these are currently making their way into your diet plan, it’s time you reconsider and eliminate them immediately.

Avoid This Everyday “Healthy” Food to Protect Your Heart

Worried about your heart health?

If so, you join the millions of others who are suffering from, or are at risk of suffering from heart disease.

Heart related conditions are one of the leading causes of death today.

Sadly, most people don’t take notice or concern of their heart health until it’s too late, often waiting until they’ve had a heart attack to start taking steps to change their diet and lifestyle.

Perhaps someone you know suffered a heart attack and now you are reflecting on your own health.

Whatever the case, you may be taking steps to reduce the saturated fat intake in your diet and limit how much sodium you consume daily in efforts to improve your heart health.

While items like saturated fats and sodium may often be at the top of the list for items to eliminate from your diet for a healthy heart, many people completely overlook one common everyday food they are likely consuming that’s turning their heart into a ticking time bomb.

4 Shocking Health Dangers of Wheat

Before factory food production wheat was one amongst many grain staples such as hemp, spelt, barley, oats, buckwheat and quinoa. Of course all of these are available today but it is wheat that remains king; but maybe to our disadvantage.

It’s Everywhere

Take a moment and think of how many products wheat is added to. You may come up with a few like bread, pasta and cereal but there are many more.