Pregnancy and Macular Degeneration Risk

Your body goes through all sorts of physical and mental changes while pregnant. Some are obvious such as nausea, weight gain, and structural reshaping (hips widen, breasts

Study Finds Benefits for Morning Sickness, Plus 6 Natural Remedies to Help

The dreaded morning sickness period which emerges in over half of pregnant women about the sixth week through the twelfth week is one of lore, handed down as a badge of honor. Some experience little

Study Reports: Anti-anxiety Meds + Pregnancy May Double Autism Risk

Pregnancy is a huge physical challenge yet little attention is given to the mental strain women can endure during and after this time. Not only is it a rollercoaster ride of grand proportions that practically

Expectant Mothers Exposed to Pesticides Linked to Autism

Expectant mothers who live within a mile of where pesticides are used have an increased risk of autism developing in their child.

According to the study published June 23 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers studies 1,000 families with children who were 2 to 5-years-old. 316 of these children were developing healthy, 486 were diagnosed with autism, and 168 had another developmental delay. The mother’s were asked to list their address and where they were living before and during pregnancy.