Will Robo-Bees Save Civilization?

Gone are the days when the hovering bumble bee flew abundant in our gardens, fields and meadows. Now, instead of an image that depicts bees as cute cartoony natural wonders more people are realizing

GMOs Don’t Offer Food Security

With the world’s growing population, it is often argued that factory farming is the only way to ensure that enough food is being produced in a large-scale. However, with the increasing awareness of the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there has been a rise of not only the organic food movement, but also the return to locally grown food.

Expectant Mothers Exposed to Pesticides Linked to Autism

Expectant mothers who live within a mile of where pesticides are used have an increased risk of autism developing in their child.

According to the study published June 23 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers studies 1,000 families with children who were 2 to 5-years-old. 316 of these children were developing healthy, 486 were diagnosed with autism, and 168 had another developmental delay. The mother’s were asked to list their address and where they were living before and during pregnancy.