7 Super Foods to Fight Joint Pain

Your body takes some hard wear and tear over the years and by the time you head into your sixties you may be challenged by any number of mobility issues. One of the biggest complaints among the senior community is the inflammation of their joints. This inflammation can become very painful. Simply walking from one room to the next becomes difficult.

Conventional medicine will often prescribe a synthetic anti-inflammatory medicine or in some cases even a muscle relaxant if there is cramping due to inflammation. However, there are ways of naturally reducing joint inflammation for seniors that can work with the body’s ability to heal rather than manipulate it into temporary relief. Also, by implementing some minor lifestyle changes and adding natural supplements into your routine there is a chance at maintaining less inflammation and more comfortable mobility.

Get Back into Carbs With These Whole Grains

Carbohydrates have been unfairly vilified over the last twenty years. Every fad diet from Atkins to South Beach to Paleo places glucose squarely in the middle of its cross-hairs. This aversion to starch isn’t altogether unfounded. Thanks to GMO wheat farms and the mass production of bleached grain, the vast majority of carbohydrates in the American diet are the bad kind of carbohydrates. The white flour products that line the halls of your nearest grocery store pack all the glycemic index busting punch without any of the off-setting benefits of whole grains. In other words, Atkins works because it eliminates these empty calories, not because all carbohydrates are evil.

Joint Health Recommendations

Your joints are one of your major lifelines to healthy mobility. When any joint suffers, your entire balance can be thrown off making the simplest actions a difficult challenge. A compromised diet, lack of exercise, trauma, disease and overuse can all contribute to vulnerable joints that may eventually become very painful, stiff and immobile. These joint health recommendations may surprise or remind you of how important it is to not take them for granted.