Macular Degeneration Maintenance: Off the Couch, Save Your Eyes

In a conveniently packaged society it is easy to stay plugged in and shuttered away forgetting all about outside options that may enhance your health. It turns out that many studies validate the overall

3 Reasons To Increase Your Workout Intensity

Stepping up your game may help you in more ways than you think. Although any activity is better than none, turning it up a notch switches your body into a higher achieving organism.

Breaking a sweat

Rise in Obesity Blamed on Less Exercise, Not Food

Keeping a trim figure means balancing both healthy eating habits and consistent exercise. While many believe abs are made in the kitchen, new research has found that calories are not to blame for the increasing rate of obesity in the U.S., but rather a lack of exercise is to blame.

Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine found that exercise during leisure time decreased for men and women significantly between the years 1994 and 2010. Furthermore, they linked this decrease to the increase of obesity rates amongst Americans.

Peek inside Your Protein Powder

No matter what your diet and exercise goals, adding a protein powder or protein shake can be one of the most helpful forms of nutritional supplementation. Unless you are an 18-year-old male with a rock solid metabolism, some form of added protein is probably necessary to add lean muscle to a flabby or undersized frame. But the benefits of protein aren’t just for hardcore weight trainers. Doctors and nutritionists often recommend increased protein intake to treat a range of metabolic disorders including high cholesterol, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The 8 Overlooked Benefits of Physical Activity

Everyone knows that exercise and physical activity are important for the human body. It’s recommended to get 20 minutes of physical activity a day five days a week.

If exercise is going to be a regular part of a person’s life they will need to schedule time for it, and find a reason to do it too. Reasons can be anything from just wanting to be healthy to a need to be in shape for beach season or a marathon.

Aside from reasons, and motivation, it’s important to find a way to make it fun. It’s much easier to do something enjoyable and fun than it is to do something that is disliked and thought of as negative.

Here are 8 overlooked benefits of physical activity.