12 Natural Ways to Stop Excess Gas

You have certainly been there when your body has decided to swell with abdominal gas that is uncomfortable, embarrassing, and downright annoying. Your stomach distends and flatulence cannot be avoided

7 Powerful Herbs for Healthy Digestion

As much as you may try to eat healthy there are plenty of times you are exposed to ‘dirty food’. This does not mean dirty in the literal sense but rather the rich, often unhealthy choices used in the preparation of certain dishes.

This can include the over use of butter, oil or sugar that makes the food taste good but can wreak havoc on your system. Therefore, it is important to find something, preferably derived from nature, that assists in digesting dirty food.

These 7 powerful herbs for healthy digestion may be a good addition. Check with your doctor first and then try one at a time during meals to see which may work best.

Look for reduced bloating, gas, belching, acid reflux, headaches and other symptoms you may be experiencing, especially after a meal.

The Breakdown of Healthy Digestion

Having a healthy digestive system is crucial for our health. Going from a flat stomach to a bloated belly throughout the course of a day is linked  to the kinds of foods we consume. Unhealthy foods, such as those that are fried, salty, or artificially sweetened take longer for your body to break down and digest, causing gas to build up.

Bloating occurs when there is gas in the intestines. Overeating, constipation, hormonal changes, or irritable bowel syndrome could cause this. However, more serious illnesses such as Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, or colon cancer could also be the problem. If you suffer from consistent bloating, gas, and abdominal pain, you are advised to seek medical attention.