6 Benefits of Massage for Alzheimer’s Patients

In our fast paced, digitally enhanced society interpersonal communication has suffered. No longer are people seeking face-to-face connection and, as a result, are rarely getting a chance to touch one

Diet Soda Linked to Stroke and Dementia

For years there has been speculation about the affects of artificial sweeteners on the human body. The food and beverage industry has always insisted that these types of products were safe for consumption.

Dementia May Be On The Decline

A perfect example of research, medical breakthroughs, education and even alternative therapies is when something as debilitating as dementia

Studies Show 5 Health Benefits of Gardening

Being outdoors is often good for your body and mind. Now there are several studies which conclude that tilling the land is an outdoor activity that can significantly enhance your health.

Combined studies

Nutrition Change Now May Prevent Dementia Later

Dementia is a broad term used not only for various brain dementia diseases (Frontotemporal, Vascular, Mixed or Dementia with Lewy Bodies) but also as a symptom associated with other brain diseases such