Feed Your Child More Blueberries

The effects of blueberries on the body have been studied over and over to continually show impressive health benefits in many ways. From high antioxidant compounds to direct correlation in preventing

Review Says Vaccines For Children Are Safe

Many parents are suspicious about the health safety of vaccines for their children. A new review commissioned by the federal government found that vaccines administered in the early years of a child’s life are indeed safe.

Published in the journal Pediatrics, the review commissioned by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, US Department of Health and Human Services to RAND Corporation of California also found that adverse side effects to these vaccines sometimes do occur, but they are rare. Such rare effects include intestinal blockage caused by the rotavirus vaccines, and thrombocytopenic purpura, a blood disorder linked with the chickenpox and measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Expectant Mothers Exposed to Pesticides Linked to Autism

Expectant mothers who live within a mile of where pesticides are used have an increased risk of autism developing in their child.

According to the study published June 23 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers studies 1,000 families with children who were 2 to 5-years-old. 316 of these children were developing healthy, 486 were diagnosed with autism, and 168 had another developmental delay. The mother’s were asked to list their address and where they were living before and during pregnancy.