12 Foods with More Vitamin C than Oranges and Some Surprising Health Benefits

You most likely have heard how vitamin C is one of the major go-to sources for fighting illness, particularly the common cold. It can be found infused in many food items, cough drops and even beauty

New Cancer Biomarker Found

In the daily laboratory battle to eradicate cancer, researchers from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have recently traveled one step closer to more

Talcum Powder Cancer Report

It seems like news reports are constantly warning of the next big cancer threat from what you thought was a benign product. Currently, the new target is the dangers of one of the most innocent and trusted

Elephants and Cancer Research

Humans have made great strides in fighting all kinds of cancers, but it still is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Changing your diet, exercising, taking supplements, reducing stress and

5 Natural Remedies for Chemotherapy Relief

Chemotherapy can be a difficult process. In many cases it wreaks havoc on the entire system acting like a complete apocalypse, killing everything in its path.

It is an approach that some feel is too

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