4 Possible Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease  

Some believe that cancer will be eradicated before the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease is solved. This is a pathology that, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, is affecting 5 million Americans

6 Benefits of Massage for Alzheimer’s Patients

In our fast paced, digitally enhanced society interpersonal communication has suffered. No longer are people seeking face-to-face connection and, as a result, are rarely getting a chance to touch one

Alzheimer’s Disease Treated by Medical Marijuana

The benefits of medical marijuana continue to emerge bringing this once rejected plant onto an even higher plane. Recent research shows that compounds in the cannabis genus may be successful in treating

Sleep Loss May Cause Alzheimer’s

It is now believed that when you sleep, your brain cleanses itself of debris, similar to erasing chalk off a blackboard.

A huge amount of information is absorbed by your brain each day. This includes

Nutrition Change Now May Prevent Dementia Later

Dementia is a broad term used not only for various brain dementia diseases (Frontotemporal, Vascular, Mixed or Dementia with Lewy Bodies) but also as a symptom associated with other brain diseases such