3 Natural Antihistamines

When sniffles, scratchy throat and red, itchy eyes occur you know your allergies are kicking in. Sometimes this means perpetually suffering until local pollen and various

3 Surprising Allergy Remedies that Kick Butt

Allergy season seems to be every season these days. Whether it’s pollen, mold, dust, or dander chances are you are suffering with a runny nose, scratchy throat, clogged ears and burning eyes.

Ways to Win Against Allergy Season

This harsh, cold winter has the weather bureau telling news viewers that this allergy season is going to be the worst. Their info comes from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, who says that even before winter finally broke people were already suffering from symptoms of allergy season.

Allergy suffers are still going to be looking for ways to alleviate their symptoms—from itchy eyes and stuffy noses, to sneezing.

There is more than one type of allergy, which means there are different ways to prevent or alleviate symptoms for each type: