3 Effective Natural Winter Flu Fighters

If winter causes your local weather to drop a few or many degrees you know that, for a lot of people, illness is not far behind. When the body’s temperature drops so does its defense system, add that

Nearly Half Americans Have High Blood Pressure Under New Guidelines

The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology recently released their new guidelines defining high blood pressure and unfortunately it is not good for the American population.


Virtual Reality Assists Macular Degeneration Treatment

Each year a host of visual technology comes to market. These are either for entertainment, rehabilitation or both with the intent of making vision struggle a little less challenging. It is tools like

Women Twice As Likely To Develop Alzheimer’s Disease

November is officially National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and in an effort to help spread awareness about Alzheimer’s we would like to bring to your attention that women make up nearly

Can Intermittent Fasting Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Intermittent fasting is the practice of going long periods of time throughout a 24 hour period without consuming any calories.

Generally, one that follows an intermittent fasting program will have an

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