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"Natural Element Discovered Reverses Signs of Aging"

$230 Billion Cosmetic Industry Lie


The cosmetic industry is a $230 billion global market. Top companies make billions selling topical treatments, lotions, and creams claiming to make you look younger and feel younger. However, the 3 beauty proteins responsible for firm skin, thick hair, and strong nails can only be activated by your body from the “inside-out.” So, it is really possible to reduce wrinkles, thicken hair, and strengthen nails?  The answers may surprise you.

by Kelly Rae, contributor

Glowing, firm-looking skin.

Thick, luxurious hair.

Strong, hardened nails.

These are the 3 "beauty" secrets that  keep us feeling and looking youthful and beautiful.

For years the billion dollar cosmetic industry has promised to deliver these 3 benefits to women and has convinced us to spend our hard earned money on products that over promise and under deliver.

"The cosmetic industry is a $230 billion global market."

In this fast paced day and age, we are flooded with infomercials, magazine advertisements, and internet ads making big promises to remove wrinkles and make us look "decades" younger.

Half-truths to flat-out -lies have been shoveled at us trying to get us to spend more than $230 billion (yes, billions with a "B") on creams for our faces, polishes for our nails, and shampoos for our hair.

So... why would any of us believe another company that comes along promising  an "anti-aging breakthrough," which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens and thickens hair, and hardens nails?

Normally, I wouldn't... however, since the approach is completely different than everything I've ever tried before and because curiosity always gets the best of this girl I took it upon myself to look closely at these promises.

I needed to know if there was any merit to the claims.

What I Discovered May Shock You...

What I learned during my quest to find a real anti-aging product shocked me.

It shocked me because it goes against everything I thought I knew about anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and beautiful hair and nails.

The product I came across this time is called ReVitaGlo™.

Until now, companies have been telling us the way to look and feel youthful and beautiful is from the outside-in... meaning we need to use creams, lotions,  and potions on our face, hair, and nails.

The founders of ReVitaGlo™ reasoned that real breakthroughs come from what you put IN your body and NOT from what you put ON your skin, hair, or nails.

The company believes that change in health, beauty, and fitness starts with what goes into your body.

"True breakthroughs in the anti-aging industry MUST come from the inside-out."

The 3 Beauty Proteins:
Collagen, Keratin, Elastin

Here is a FACT that I discovered during my investigation:

Your body produces 3 “beauty proteins.”

Collagen “plumps” your skin, removing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming.  This protein continuously hydrates your skin from the inside out.

Keratin is the protein responsible for the thickness, body, and strength of your hair, as well as the strength and clarity of your nails.

Elastin gives your skin its ability to stretch and bounce back.  Without elastin, your skin would tear every time you smile.

The Problem We All Face

There is no question that skin, hair, and nails look better during youth. This is due to the rich abundance of collagen, kertain, and elastin present during this phase of life.

However, by age 18, our natural levels of all three proteins begin to diminish.

By age 30, skin begins to develop fine lines and wrinkles, hair breaks more easily, and nails chip more frequently.motherdaughter

Our 40's lead to thinner and more sensitive skin. The moisture barrier also begins its decay, leading to noticeably dryer and less elastic skin. Photo-aging can begin to show more freckles, sun spots, age spots, and spider veins.

By age 50 the most noticeable change is the level of hydration, which is due to a rapid deterioration of our collagen. Our nails may get more brittle, hair may thin or fall out in the shower, and our once youthful face disappears from the mirror we look into.

The reflection is replaced with one showing signs of wear and tear.

The fine lines are deeper.

The crows feet we once noticed on other people are a permanent reflection staring back at us.

We look tired compared to our earlier years and we do what we can to look and feel our best.

The Controversy

scientistleafFor years the cosmetic industry's "business as usual" mentality has been to market and sell skincare products that are used externally-- products that we put on our skin.  And with $230 billion in sales, why would they ever change that model!

Based on the latest research it is becoming evident that this approach doesn't work.  Real change happens from the inside... not the outside.

In fact, Belgian scientists at a University in Brussels reported the results of a study showing the ability to activate the body's cells that generate the 3 beauty proteins I mentioned in the beginning of this article (collagen, keratin, and elastin).

Scientists were able to activate these "beauty protein" cells by giving participants in the study the natural compound that is found in ReVitaGlo™ , which is an anti-aging dietary supplement.

Sure, you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive prescription injections, Botox, and "mini" facelifts, but unfortunately, not everyone has deep financial purses like the "rich and famous."

One of my girlfriends spent $1,500 for some injections that left her looking a little bizarre.

shotThe fact remains that the collagen necessary to hydrate skin lies beneath the surface, and science has proven topical creams simply cannot penetrate the surface of your skin.

Surgical injections, facelifts, and procedures are simply not options for many of us... especially if you don't want to risk drastic changes or fork over thousands of dollars to a clinic or doctor.

Unfortunately, looking and feeling our best cannot be accomplished by putting "more" stuff on our faces, hair, and nails... despite what the cosmetic industry is claiming!

Think about it:  If water on the outside of your skin created real hydration, then tap water would be the number one cosmetic formula in America!

"Through science, we now have the ability to nourish the body's three beauty proteins-- naturally!"*



You probably never thought about it back then, but when you were a child, you would wake up in the morning with rosy, moisture-drenched skin that looked and felt smooth and flawless, no matter how the pillow had scrunched your cheeks overnight!

It all happened without makeup, creams, or lotions.

The simple reason is collagen.. lots of skin-plumping, wrinkle-eliminating, moisture-attracting collagen!

Then starting at age 18, your body's production of this protein began to slow down, leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen: Your Skin's Ultimate "Moisture Magnet"

Young skin is moisture-drenched skin, beautifully hydrated and luscious to the touch.  However, you can only get this genuine hydration from the inside out.

Healthy skin is composed of 75% collagen, a protein that moisturizes from the inside. Young skin, with its abundance of moisture-rich collagen, has an enormous advantage. Collagen acts as a "moisture magnet," pulling in and holding on to the moisture that continuously nourishes the skin.

Giving Your Skin the Ability to "Bounce Back"

Another component that is just important to creating ideal skin is elasticity, or the "bounce back" factor.

This is the characteristic that separates skin from porcelain.

Elasticity is your skin's living element. You laugh. You frown. You raise your eyebrows in surprise. Yet, your face doesn't crack.

This is elasticity at work. The more elasticity your skin has, the more wrinkle resistant it becomes.

The Proof & Remarkable Results


What does all of this have to do with ReVitaGlo™ ?

During my research and investigation I discovered that the compound found in ReVitaGlo™ was tested in a double-blind, placebo controlled, university conducted clinical trial.

Results were then published in prestigious journals!

This means undeniable proof!

Here is what I uncovered:

When university scientists announced that they were about to test the natural compound found in ReVitaGlo™ (ch-OSA) with the potential to reduce age-related fine lines and wrinkles, thicken hair, and strengthen nails, scores of women clamored for a spot in the landmark clinical trial at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium.

Ultimately, 50 women were chosen to participate.

Half were asked to take two doses per day of ReVitaGlo™ ; the other half took two doses per day of a placebo. No other aspects of the women's lifestyles-- diet, cosmetics, daily routines, etc.-- were to change.

Scientists knew that the compound found in ReVitaGlo™ had the ability to activate the body's cells that generate collagen, and they strongly suspected it might safely do the same for elastin and keratin.*

At the end of the twenty-week study, the results were remarkable! The Vrije University research scientists had shown —with actual measurements—that ReVitaGlo™ could provide users with dramatic beauty-enhancing benefits.

Here’s what they found:

SKIN:  ReVitaGlo™ reduced fine lines and wrinkles by a full 19%. Further, the skin was dramatically more reductionresilient in just 20 weeks.*

HAIR: ReVitaGlo™ significantly increased hair thickness. Hair demonstrated greater volume and more body.*

NAILS: ReVitaGlo™ dramatically strengthened nails. Nails became more break-resistant.*

Adding to the excitement generated by the Brussels clinical trial, a parallel study at the University of London produced encouraging results regarding the effects of ReVitaGlo™ on bone health. Armed with the knowledge that collagen is critical to the mineral-binding process that maintains bone density, the London scientists set out to determine whether ReVitaGlo™ supplementation could support a marked improvement in bone density for women already taking calcium and vitamin D.

The answer was a resounding “yes!”*

The results of the skin, hair, and nail study were published in the prestigious journal Archives of Dermatological Research, and the results of the bone study were published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders.

This groundbreaking research convinced all involved that ReVitaGlo™ can make a real difference in people’s lives.

How It Works

ReVitaGlo™ does not introduce anything foreign into your body.

Instead, it activates your body's natural collagen-producing cells to function as they did when you were 18 years old. The collagen produced has your own DNA fingerprint!*

The secret to ReVitaGlo™ is in the patented technology formula.  ingredient

Regular orthosilicic acid is highly unstable, leading it to form polymers. These polymers are too large for the human body to absorb.  But the patented "choline stabilization" technology in ReVitaGlo™ prevents the polymers from forming, ensuring optimal absorption.

Choline-stablized orthosilicic acid (the ch-OSA in ReVitaGlo™ ) is a unique complex of the essential nutrients silicon and choline.  The ch-OSA complex uses choline receptors on target cells to enhance the entrance of silicon into the cell. This, in turn, results in the activation of specific biological pathways that support collagen production.  Isolated silicon products are not able to do this.*

Now, thanks to ReVitaGlo™ with clinically tested ch-OSA, you can help naturally build the collagen you need and reclaim more youthful-looking skin!*

Smooth Skin: "Plumping" Your Skin from the Inside Out

Wrinkled skin… smooth skin.  What’s the difference?

In a word: collagen.

Collagen supports womanmirror2your skin, keeping it taut and wrinkle free.

But by the time you reach age 18, collagen begins to diminish.

Over time, fine lines and wrinkles develop, then deepen.

RevitaGlo™ helps restore the youthful collagen balance to “re-plump” your skin from the inside out.*

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles by 19%

Imagine this: You start taking RevitaGlo™, which begins activating your body’s collagen-producing cells.

Week after week, more and more collagen fibers form and take hold. The gaps in collagen associated with fine lines and wrinkles start filling in.  You begin noticing that your skin is smoother and firmer.*

This is exactly what happened to the women in the RevitaGlo™ clinical trial.

In fact, the depth of fine lines diminished by a full 19% in the first 20 weeks alone.

These women experienced the joy of witnessing the years literally washing away.

"Thicker, Stronger, Healthier – From the Inside Out!"

hair1Let’s face it.  Everybody wants thicker, shinier, more luxurious-looking hair.

Aside from being a symbol of your overall health and vitality, your hair also provides the ideal frame for your face.

Plus, it’s glamorous and sexy.

This is why Americans spend billions of dollars on hair care formulas each year.

The truth is, no externally applied hair care formula can genuinely change the basic quality of your hair.

Real improvements in your hair happen from the inside out, and that’s what clinical studies suggest RevitaGlo™ can do.*

RevitaGlo™ provides ch-OSA, the complex used in research studies that suggest it can significantly increase the diameter of each hair shaft and add fullness and body.

Plus, RevitaGlo™ makes hair stronger, more elastic, and better conditioned.

The net result:  Your hair looks more beautiful, more touchable, and more ample! With RevitaGlo™, you end “bad hair days” forever!*


"Imagine if you could make all the hairs on your head thicker!"

Thicker Hair

Your head is the foundation for more than 100,000 hair follicles. You can’t add any more, but you can make each hair shaft thicker.

For the women given RevitaGlo™ in the clinical trial, that is exactly what happened.

In fact, the individual diameter of each hair, assessed by measuring its cross-sectional area, increased significantly after taking RevitaGlo™ (Figure 3b).

This adds up to much greater volume and far bulkinghairmore body, achieved from the inside out so it can’t “wash away.”*

The thicker, more healthy-looking hair that results is yours to keep—through rain, shine, and hotel shampoos.

But it’s not magic!

RevitaGlo™ is real science at work…

RevitaGlo™ Increases Your “Hair-Bulking” Protein*

Your hair is made up of 97% keratin, another of nature’s “beauty proteins.”

This hair-bulking protein is much like collagen in that it begins to diminish by the time we are 18 years old.

Over time, there is less and less keratin to support the hair shaft and keep it healthy.

Some scientists believe that, by the time we are 45, our keratin level may decrease by 50%.

However, researchers are confident that RevitaGlo™ can help improve the structure of keratin, resulting in thicker, stronger hair that looks healthy and styles easily.*

More on Your Head, Less in the Sink!

hairinsinkGrowing the thickest hair possible is one thing, keeping it on your head is another. You can have luxuriously thick hair, but if it’s not strong, it will likely break off.

You’ve seen it in your sink, on the shower floor, and tangled up in your brush. Hair that was not strong enough to withstand simple brushing or shampooing.

Some of this lost hair is part of the natural growth cycle, but some was prematurely removed from your head.

This is where RevitaGlo™ can really help.

Stronger Hair -- Clinical Results!

A “tug of war” with hair?

This is exactly what researchers in the clinical trial did as they tested for what they call “break load,” the amount of pressure it takes to snap a hair in two. What did they find?

The hair of the women taking RevitaGlo™ was significantly stronger (Figure 4b) and more break resistant.

Nails - Unbreakable Beauty!

momdaughterSay “good-bye” to acrylic and “hello” to real!

After all, why have fake nails when you can have the real thing? Real nails look better, won’t chip or crack, and will never come off at an inopportune moment.

Plus, with real nails, you don’t have to keep constantly filling in the space between the fake nail and your real cuticle as your covered-up nail grows.

The ch-OSA® in RevitaGlo™ has been clinically shown to strengthen your nails, giving you beautiful nails… for real!*

“If hands can tell a story, they can make it a beautiful one!”

Keratin:  Your Body's "Nail Fortifier"

Look down at your nails.

They are a diary of your recent past: The ridge caused by a drawer pinching your finger tip. The chip inflicted by a stubborn soda can. The little white flecks resulting from who-knows-what.

These all have one thing in common: With stronger nails, these flaws would all be absent.

The Vrije University clinical trial strongly suggested that the keratin in RevitaGlo™ can make nails more resilient to daily stresses.*

Your nails are made up of approximately 98% keratin.

As with collagen and elastin, keratin production diminishes with age, which is why your nails chip more easily now than when you were 14 years old.

However, researchers now believe that RevitaGlo™ with clinically tested ch-OSA® can help naturally nourish the keratin in your nails.

The result: stronger, more youthful nails with unbreakable beauty.*

Is it Worth It?

To me, anything that may reduce wrinkles, thicken my hair, and strengthen my nails is a no brainer... but the key to ReVitaGlo™ is the REAL scientific study behind it with published results!

The science behind ReVitaGlo™ just makes sense to me.  The double blind, placebo controlled, university conducted clinical trial is all the credibility I need to give it a try.

I am done falling for the hype of the cosmetic industry's lotions, potions, creams, and shampoos.

Don't get me wrong... this girl will  always have my favorites because I like the way they make me feel or smell, but as far as the anti-aging, wrinkle reducing claims that they make... I won't fall for it anymore.

I just don't believe in the "Outside-In" treatment like I once did.  It makes no sense.

The only way to activate the body's cells that generate the 3 beauty proteins is by what you put IN your body... not what you put ON it.

So, what's the catch?

It appears that there are three.

  • First, as with anything ReVitaGlo™ is not a "magic bullet," but one part of a healthy lifestyle choice including a sensible diet and drinking plenty of water. The university study was conducted over 20 weeks, so don't expect overnight changes.
  • Second, the label recommends that you consult your physician before starting if you suspect you have a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating. This is a fairly standard label recommendation for dietary supplements and is similar to thousands of other dietary supplements I've seen over the years.
  • Third, while ReVitaGlo™ is far less expensive than many creams, surgical procedures, or injections, it's still not cheap-- ReVitaGlo™ will cost you about $90 per month retail (although readers of Daily Health Alerts can save about 23 bucks).

Where Can I Get It?

You can order it from the company website at for $89.95 per bottle, or you can save money by taking advantage of the special price we negotiated for our readers!

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