How Yoga Can Help With Stress and Anxiety

From an evolutionary perspective, stress is an essential part of life. Thousands of years ago our ancient ancestors relied on stress to stay alive, taking advantage of the various physiological changes

7 Ways to Lose Pounds Naturally Within Weeks

These days, the health risks and complications associated with obesity are well-known. As such, more and more people are taking steps to keep their weight in check.

However, not all of those steps are

Health Benefits of Running in The Morning

It’s nearly a proven fact for all of us that as we get older, our lives get busier. Suddenly, all that free time we seemed to have growing up — so much so that we’d actually complain about

Dangers of Halloween Contact Lenses

The Nightmare of Halloween Contact Lenses

With Halloween just around the corner, people are starting to put together their creepy costumes and perfecting their scary look. All that’s

6 Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Perfect Sleeping Environment

So, you have gone easy on caffeine, exercise daily, and have a consistent bedtime routine, but you still have trouble sleeping throughout the night comfortably. You keep asking yourself what you can

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